Hiking – on idyllic paths

The Goldsteig

... is the longest (660 km) and most diverse quality trail in Germany. It leads through the Upper Palatinate Forest and the Bavarian Forest in three sections - from Marktredwitz to Passau.
The Goldsteig quality trail is one of the "Top Trails of Germany" - on Germany's best hiking trails. It meets the quality criteria with regard to the nature of the paths, natural attractiveness, cultural sights and the hiking guidance system

The pleasure trail

Ge(h)nuss-Steige are attractive paths that deviate from the Goldsteig and lead you back again! Such a path takes you 8 km from Zenting to us in Neuhof until shortly before Manzenreuth, where the Goldsteig takes you on! The Ge(h)nuss-Steig fulfills the same quality criteria as the Goldsteig.
Don't miss out on the many scenic viewpoints that the Ge(h)nuss-Steig offers you! Experience many little special features that are worth a detour from the Goldsteig!

You can get tips and hiking maps from us. We would also be happy to help you with the further planning of your pleasure hike!

Highly recommended are, for example, hikes to Ranfels Castle or to the Wackelstein near Solla Entschenreuth. You can also climb the Großer Arber, Osser, Lusen, Rachel, Dreisessel and Brotjacklriegel mountains on foot.

snowshoe hikes

Even in winter you can hike with us! Why not borrow our snowshoes. Discover our wonderfully snow-covered landscape regardless of the paths!

For hikers we offer:

* free maps for hikes around the Neuhof
* guided hikes
* backpacks for children (up to 15 kg) to borrow
* packed lunches of your choice
* snowshoes to borrow