the right setting for every occasion

Rustic Waldler Stubn...

Brand new: Our Waldler-Stubn! Larger, more modern, but still furnished in a cozy country style. Something special is the brick counter, which appears massive with granite stones from our region. A tiled stove, in the same style, fills cool nights with cozy warmth. The crackling of the wood in the tiled stove, a beautifully set table and candlelight make it romantic! In the new bar area you will discover our well-assorted range of schnapps and brandies.
It can be fun but also cozy when you sit together with family or friends in a happy atmosphere.
You can enjoy Bavarian hospitality to the full here.

Bright breakfast room

In the morning, when the sun shines, start the day with a vitamin-rich breakfast buffet! Enjoy it in our cozy farmhouse parlor with warm red and wood tones! Fresh fruit, homemade jam, honey from our own apiary and a vitality corner with a variety of muesli whet your appetite. Various juices and much more give you energy for a great day on vacation.


Celebrate the festivals as they come!

Our various rooms are also used by inn guests! The extensive menu offers you various meat and fish specialties as well as vegetarian dishes and delicious desserts! From birthdays, communions, weddings to company parties - we are happy to organize your celebration. We give every celebration the right ambience on a beautifully set table!

Large sun terrace

Yes, that's just vacation! Enjoy the last cup of coffee of your breakfast on our large terrace and let the warm rays of sunshine affect you!
After an eventful day, simply sit back and take a deep breath. When the opposite deer enclosure shimmers in the sunset, enjoy the silence that radiates from our beautiful nature. Listen to the chirping of birds, the chirping of crickets and the rush of the warm summer breeze.
Look forward to a delicious dinner in the open air.