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Our culinary calendar

Let us spoil you with culinary delights all year round.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, it is unfortunately not possible to schedule an appointment at the moment. We will add dates as soon as we can.
Please stay healthy. We are looking forward to your visit!

back to school

For every school starter there is a school starter menu & a little surprise!
The first day of school is something very special for our ABC shooters! A new phase of life begins - not only for the children!
With our school beginners' menu and delicious delicacies for all adults, of course on a beautifully laid table, you can give this day a festive setting with us.
Please register with us so that we can prepare everything for you.

grandparents day

In honor of grandparents, this holiday was introduced from scratch in 2019. We too think that all grandpas and grandmas deserve a day like this. Delicious holiday delicacies make this day a holiday for the whole family.

church fair sunday

Tradition is very important to us. That's why our chef Thomas is preparing a crispy goose for you this Sunday. Of course there are other autumn specialties!

“Old Beer”

Almost at the end of a culinary year, we are preparing everything for the “old beer” at the Landhotel Neuhof. This is our annual dinner. We cordially invite all our friends and patrons. A colorful range of delicacies await you. With a really first-class menu that sufficiently shows the skills of our kitchen team, we would like to say thank you to everyone who has accompanied us through a successful year and has once again proven their loyalty.


If Christmas is a celebration for connoisseurs, yes, then you have definitely ended up with us in the Neuhof.
Christmas ambience combined with many festive delicacies. Treat yourself to delicious dishes! We are always happy to cook for you!

New Year's Eve

Of course we would also like to celebrate New Year's Eve with you.
We will serve you a festive 4-course menu. Waiting until midnight is not at all difficult for you. Enjoy your New Year's Eve menu with all your senses!
At midnight you will experience colorful fireworks - and we've already arrived in the new year.
Only on registration.